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My Philosophy

I believe the biggest stress entrepreneurs face is trying to go it alone. Sometimes all we need is a supportive audience to talk through our ideas and push us to implement them. I've walked in your shoes for over 18 years and I know your dedication. I'd love the chance to be on your team and help you level-up your business.

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Wherever you're stuck or frustrated by your business, I'm eager to help. Let's chat and see if we'd be a good fit. 

Coaching Packages

Already know me and want to get started? 

Coaching Packages

Focus and Get It Done (1 month) - $150


You know the problem that needs solving and you may already have some possible solutions, but you would like to brainstorm them with another business owner.

Your main issue is making time to sit down and focus amidst all your other to-dos.

You need to commit to solving this problem, and you need an accountability partner that will hold your toes to the fire.

Includes four 1/2-hour coaching calls (1x/week).

Design for New Results (3-months) - $400

Change by Design

 The problem you are grappling with is not straightforward; it feels involved or complex, with several different variables.

You’ve tried the same things over and over and they aren’t working. You know you need a new system if you want different results.

Just like with any new hire, you know creating and implementing a new system requires a lot of upfront work and training before you see the benefits. 

You need a  coach and accountability partner to help you stay committed to the process so you can reap those benefits and grow your business. 

Includes four 1/2-hour coaching calls each month and a recommended business book.

Testimonials from Booksellers You May Know


"I let numbers intimidate me. You helped me get past that and figure out how to start breaking them down and not get so overwhelmed. The worksheets have been helpful, and I'm starting to feel like I do have control. This [coaching package] has worked really well for me -- I do much better if I have an accountability partner. I have a brand new power tool in my toolbox -- and her name is Jill Hendrix!"

-Jamie Anderson,  Downtown Books 

"Jill’s Profit First EurekaSIBA talk gave me some much needed insight. It has helped my decision making on everything from using my P&L and Abacus figures to renegotiate lease terms to making smarter choices to better insure event profitability. No nonsense, and chockablock with useful practices!" 

-Star Lowe, Star Line Books