What other booksellers are saying

Kelly Justice

"Jill Hendrix is the most efficient bookseller I have ever met. Her systems and philosophies are things I model and I seek her advice often on all matters regarding operations. Being more organized gives me time to share my passion for books. That is the biggest thing she has taught me both by taking her seminars and being a great example." -Kelly Justice, owner of Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA;  SIBA Board Member (and Past President)


 "I let numbers intimidate me. You helped me get past that and figure out how to start breaking them down and not get so overwhelmed. The worksheets have been helpful, and I'm starting to feel like I do have control. This [coaching package] has worked really well for me -- I do much better if I have an accountability partner. I have a brand new power tool in my toolbox -- and her name is Jill Hendrix!" -Jamie Anderson, Owner of Downtown Books, Manteo, NC


"Jill's training on how to buy direct from publishers was great - extremely organized and helpful! She introduced the basics and some higher level concepts, and it was particularly great that she shared her Trello board with us, giving us practical tools we can use today! Thanks, Jill!" -Terra Dunham, Owner of the forthcoming Book + Bottle, St. Petersburg, FL


"Jill’s Profit First EurekaSIBA talk gave me some much needed insight. It has helped my decision making on everything from using my P&L and Abacus figures to renegotiate lease terms to making smarter choices to better insure event profitability. No nonsense, and chockablock with useful practices!" -Star Lowe, Owner of Star Line Books, Chattanooga, TN


"Jill, this is an incredible response and tremendously helpful. Thank you so very, very much for sharing your knowledge!!" -Adah Fitzgerald, Owner of Main Street Books, Davidson, NC


"The training was very helpful to our bookshop. Now we understand much more about how to order both frontlisted and backlisted books directly from the publishers." -Ginny Donahue, The Mitten Word, Marshall, MI