My Philosophy

Me, my husband, and our nephews.

I believe the biggest stress entrepreneurs face is trying to go it alone. Sometimes all we need is a supportive audience to talk through our ideas and push us to implement them. I've walked in your shoes for over 18 years and I know your dedication. I'd love the chance to be on your team and help you level-up your business.  


Courses for Booksellers


Booksellers, you know the problem you need to solve and you want advice on best practices from a seasoned pro. My courses offer training on your schedule, with  permanent access so you can review the material whenever you need it.

Buying Direct from Publishers ($24.99) 

This course is geared toward new bookstore owners or longtime used booksellers who are starting to carry new books. Buying direct is the necessary first step to allow you to take advantage of publisher coop dollars. My store earns over $10,000 in coop each year and I'd love to start you down that profitable path!

Assessments & Intensives

Certified Fix This Next Sales & Profit Assessment 

This assessment will pinpoint your vital need and give you the clarity of knowing exactly what you should be working on next in your business to move it forward. After you fill in a very detailed questionnaire (be prepared to spend some quality time on it!), we'll meet over Zoom to discuss your answers, then I'll provide you with a summary report identifying your current vital need. Cost: $500.


We'll create an action plan to address your current vital need with strategic help from a seasoned business owner to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Popular intensive topics include:

  • Evaluating Opportunities
  • Engineering Profit
  • Creating Your Joyful Week
  • Keeping Track with Trello
  • Doubling Down on What's Working
  • Budgeting with YNAB

After you've done some pre-work we will meet over Zoom for either one or two 2-hour sessions, depending on the topic. Cost: $299-$599 depending on topic.

1:1 Coaching

You are looking for a custom solution, tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Or you've done an intensive and need an accountability partner to help you keep your action plan on track. 1:1 coaching is also a great support tool for new business owners who need a combination of resources, coaching, and mentoring. We'll meet once a week over Zoom for a 30-minute session for  6 months. 

Topics I can help with include:

  • Creating systems
  • Increasing profitability
  • Almost anything bookstore related
  • Mindset
  • Overwhelm
  • Accountability

Cost: $1800 

Questions? Book a call to discuss!